Otus Capital Management


Welcome to Otus Capital Management

Otus Capital Management (OCM) was founded by Andrew Gibbs in 2000 to provide institutional clients and high net worth individuals with fund management services in European Smaller Companies. 

This niche space, we believe, requires a dedicated approach. By combining in-depth bottom up fundamental research with a top down analysis of the environment in which our companies operate, the long/short fund has achieved its goal of both capital preservation and superior long term returns over its 20 year history.

Our team of five senior investment professionals have all dedicated their careers to this universe. They are backed by an operations team that has delivered first class in-house systems designed specifically to monitor the risks of this asset class.

Small by design, what we lack in size we make up for in stability. It is thanks to our team approach that we have had very low turnover since the firm began.

Otus is a European small cap specialist. We run two Continental European small/mid cap long/short funds (MSCF and MSCUF) and one long-only pan-European micro cap fund (MMCF). We also manage three segregated managed accounts in line with the MMCF. The six funds manged are:   

  • Maga Smaller Companies Fund (MSCF), a Cayman domiciled long/short fund - launched in April 2004.

  • Maga Smaller Companies UCITS Fund (MSCUF), an Irish domiciled fund - launched in January 2015. This fund is run on a pari passu basis with the MSCF, however, it will not invest in the MMCF and some of the less liquid names. 

  • Maga Micro Cap Fund (MMCF), a long only Irish QIAIF - launched in November 2013. This fund is focussed on stocks with a market cap which is generally below €250m.

  • A dedicated managed account that tracks the MMCF - launched in September 2015.

  • A dedicated managed account that tracks the MMCF - launched in July 2016.

  • A dedicated managed account that tracks the MMCF - launched in November 2019.